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“We know that nature is balanced and almost perfect, but it is not art. Only creative beings, artists possessed by something intangible, achieve it by interpreting it. It is the privilege of a few. Serena Fortin worked the wood with the tenacity of an austere and applied artisan. The processes are long until the shapes are decided and then remain submissive and naked. The rough was sublimated. It was insinuated to be touched and to awaken soft emotions. Along its lines we can float for the silences held in the desert dunes. Morphological abstractions that are splits of the air that dance or water and when they caress, the sensuality that invades them impregnates the fingers. It's a long solitary creative journey”. Ramón Pareja

Sculpture to wear Take me Away Sculpture Después Sculpture Migraciones Sculpture Leggermente Sculpture MZouk Sculpture Brezza Sculpture Duende Sculpture Dentro de mi Sculpture Dejate llevar Sculpture Lo que te parece Sculpture Esplorazioni sostenibili Sculpture Un poco di incoerenza Sculpture Volo Sculpture Refolo Sculpture Comunicazioni interrotte Sculpture Percorsi immaginari Sculpture Divertido Sculpture LugaresDistintos Sculpture Primordial Sculpture Swish Sculpture Vela

“Inspired by the extreme beauty of nature, my sculpture aiming to soften the edges of life. I always seeking to obtain harmony in the pure forms (that evoke nature) through soft and neat lines and at the same time I get an especially smooth and silky finish that leaves caressing sensation flowing freely. " Serena Fortin

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