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formapura-concept is pure exercise of style.

"Art as a glimmer of light. There is an interesting complicity between art and light: a work of art is closely linked to the light, it depends on its usability ... how art elevates the spirit, the light is considered the very essence of the spirit. Give yourself a new opportunity and be enlightened by art!" Serena Fortin


Lampara de sobremesa Tuttotondo

Table lamps collection "SIMMETRY"

Design lamp SIMMETRY 1 Design lamp SIMMETRY 2 Design lamp SIMMETRY 3 Design lamp SIMMETRY 4 Design lamp SIMMETRY 5 Design lamp SIMMETRY 6

Keeping like objective the search for harmony, formapura light combines the need to create something beautiful, like a sculpture, with a lamp. Serena Fortin designs and implements each of these pieces entirely by hand, combining his experience gained over 30 years of artistic woodworking, with the current technology research of lighting with this result: the lamp off is a sculpture that can be admired to its sinuous lines, colors or natural wood and tones that you can choose from, while the lighted lamp is an artistic source creating a magical atmosphere.

formapura-concept is open to collaborations with architects and interior designer

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