foto: nicola pozzati
make-up: riccardo de agostini
Serena Fortin artista creatriz de formapura joyas esculturas para vestir y esculturas en madera
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serena fortin artista per formapura indossare una scultura gioielli sculture
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serena fortin the artist who create formapura jewels sculptures to wear and big wood sculptures
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serena fortin artista per formapura indossare una scultura

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Borne in Rovigo (North-East of Italy), Serena Fortín began her professional training as a restorer at the “Istituto d’Arte del Legno e del Restauro del Mobile Antico” in Anghiari, Arezzo, Tuscany.  During this period she also attended restoration courses in painting and fresco, gaining hands-on experience in various workshops. It is here where Serena was fortunate to be guided by many experts in their fields, giving rise to her passion for wood-carving.
She returned to her home town to finish her studies and to begin as a restorer in her personal workshop, taking on assignments from private individuals and public institutions, restoring different kinds of pieces, styles and periods.
To further express her creativity - including the field of interior design - Serena attends a specialised design course which lends her new opportunities to deepen an old passion i.e. 'Decoration and Interior Design', in all its applications including the creation of furniture.
In addition to her furniture work, Serena has developed a line of sculptured-jewellery, exhibiting her work at trade fairs including the internationally renowned Italian fairs of “ORO AREZZO” in Arezzo and the “VICENZA ORO” in Vicenza - some of the most important expositions in the field of jewellery.
At present, Serena lives with her husband in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, where she patiently restores antiques to their former glory, whilst, simultaneously, continuing to create beautiful, 'nature inspired', large wood sculptures.

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