Serena Fortin artista creatriz de formapura joyas esculturas para vestir y esculturas en madera
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serena fortin artista per formapura indossare una scultura gioielli sculture
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serena fortin the artist who create formapura jewels sculptures to wear and big wood sculptures
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serena fortin artista per formapura indossare una scultura

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SERENA FORTIN was born in the north east of Italy, but her artistic training began in Tuscany where she stayed for 6 years, obtaining the Bachelor of Art Master in the "Art Institute of Wood and the Restoration of Antique Furniture" in Anghiari ( AREZZO), in addition to the qualification of professional qualification in "Operator of Restoration of Furniture and Decoration in wood", promoted by the Tuscany Region.

This is where her passion for wood carving begins, although she combines it with the restoration of ancient canvases and frescoes  working voluntarily in several workshops of artisan restorers followed and guided by true experts of the sector.

With this background of experiences, she returns to her homeland and set up his own workshop, where she develops her professional career performing restoration work for both private clients and public entities and museums, in furniture, doors and frames of various types, epochs, styles and proveniences

She also obtains the training title in " Interior decorator for habitable interiors " that provides new opportunities and experiences: interior decoration and realization of furniture and accessories.

Her concern for creation and contemporary design also leads her to a new project: the design and realization of wood sculpture-jewels, also exhibiting her works in the most important Italian exhibitions in the sector (International Goldsmith Exhibition, silver jewelery and jewelry "ORO AREZZO" and the International Fair "VICENZA ORO").

Since 2006 she lives in Jerez de la Frontera where she worked in her own workshop as an antique restorer both for individuals and public entities such as the "Juan Sebastián de Elcano" School Ship and the Diputación de Cádiz. .

She is currently more involved in making wooden sculptures with abstract figures of different sizes, participating in collective and individual exhibitions in Jerez de la Frontera and the province of Cádiz and the design and creations of contemporary wood jewelry and other unpublished materials.