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"We know that nature is balanced and almost perfect, but it is not art. Only creative beings, artists possessed by something intangible, achieve it by interpreting it. It is the privilege of a few. Serena Fortin worked the wood with the tenacity of an austere and applied artisan. The processes are long until the shapes are decided and then remain submissive and naked. The rough was sublimated. It was insinuated to be touched and to awaken soft emotions. Along its lines we can float for the silences held in the desert dunes. Morphological abstractions that are splits of the air that dance or water and when they caress, the sensuality that invades them impregnates the fingers. It's a long solitary creative journey ".

Ramón Pareja

If the art is synonymous with delicacy, the work of Serena Fortin is Art.

Just look at her work to perceive this attribute, only applicable to what is done with love, sensitivity and passion. Adjectives without which it would be impossible to combine hand and tools to produce beauty. Distilled in pure form, it walks between the voluntary and capricious reality. Will is the desire to be. The caprice, by chance, arises from the very nature of structure and matter. It develops between the terse touch and the smooth adolescent skin and the capricious, tumultuous rítmicità of the tides. Despite this, it lacks stridency, everything recalls the perfection, meticulousness and doubt that requires and encompasses creation. A contemporary work worthy of the best opinion, the best observer and certainly, the space that the correspondents. Thanks Serena.

De Carlos Jorcareli

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Serena Fortin expresses herself with a velvet voice, with the softness that she reaches in the finishing of her pieces, which are like the moment of a wave, like a breath of breeze, or the step of a dance, of her own dance. Pieces that are as quoted verses, delicate works full of feeling, ebbriety, ideas, anarchy or kisses. Curves reminiscent of landscapes of Tuscany, where it was formed, or like those of the sand dunes of Fuerteventura or as the elite fields of the vineyards of Jerez, places where his works were designed and built. All these worked with infinite patience in a first carving process with the gouge and then smoothed, smoothing and smoothing, hour after hour, thus also calming his spirit, so in need of movimiento, of change, but also of calm, calm that enunciates his own name.

Ramón Gonzales de la Peña